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About Us

Established in 1869

Waldo Bros Company provides Construction Building Materials and services which include:

  • Masonry Products and Accessories
  • Concrete Restoration and Forming Products
  • Above and Below grade Waterproofing Products
  • Thermal and Fireproofing Products
  • Site Work Products
  • Hardscape Pavers, Retaining Walls and Granite Stairs or Treads
  • Job Specific and Yearly Contract Pricing Services
  • Flatbed or Boom Truck Delivery Services
  • Product Take-Off and Submittal Assistant Services

  • Our focus is on developing new partnerships and maintaining our current successful partnerships with our customers, making sure the required products are available and our services are reliable. With knowledgeable sales staff and convenient
     warehouse locations in downtown Boston and Southwest Windsor CT, Waldo Bros Company has consistently supplied quality products to our customers' building New England since 1869

    Our mission is to protect and enhance our customer's business objectives by providing comprehensive product lines and superior service at a fair and competitive market price while making a positive impact on our customers, employees and community.

    A brief history of Waldo Bros Company

    John Aiden Waldo established the initial business in 1869. His brother Charles Sydney Waldo later joined John Aidan to form Waldo Brothers Company.

    Waldo Brothers enjoyed rapid growth and opened 16 locations in the New England and New York areas during the first few decades of its existence. The business consolidated during the Great Depression, closing most sites, and relocated its headquarters and retail operations in Boston, MA, at the 202 Southampton address. In 1970 the Boston location burned to the ground and was rebuilt in 1972.

    In 1985, Paul Barry Colgan, then President of Waldo Brothers Company, purchased Waldo Brothers Company from the decendents of the Waldo family and the other outside share holders.

    In the 1980's and the 1990's, under the new ownership of Paul Barry Colgan, Waldo made investments in technology infrastructure and expanded to an additional warehouse/office location in South Windsor, CT. These changes and additions helped the company to remain competitive despite the cyclical economic challenges which we are repeating again this decade. Waldo Bros. Company is the oldest surviving Building Materials distribution company in New England. Throughout its rich history, the company has survived all the difficult economic times and competitive threats because of our very loyal customer base and dedicated, knowledgable employees. God willing, we hope to continue to provide the products our customers and community require as we build and restore New England for another 100+ years.

    The following was written by Charles Sydney Waldo as part of the introduction to Waldo Brothers' 1902 Catalog. We believe with a few updates it still reflects the focus of our business then and now;

    To the Trade,

    WE take pleasure in presenting our revised Catalog, No.5, (website) which we trust will be useful in furnishing a correct illustration of the goods which we handle.

    We shall continue in our agencies for all HIGH GRADE BUILDING MATERIAL and, with the largest stock in New England at our various Yards and Wharves (warehouses), our facilities for prompt shipment are unexcelled.

    With thanks for favors, past and future, we are,

    Yours Respectfully
        Waldo Brothers.



  • Waldo Brothers Est. 1869
  • Ulysses S Grant became President
  • Suez Canal Opened
  • First transcontinental Rail Road established
  • 1st Professional Baseball Team, Cincinnati Red Stockings, was established. (The following year they moved to Boston)
  • Boston University is charted by the Commonwealth of Mass
  • Thomas Edison patents the first Voting Machine
  • Black Friday; 9/24/1869 Jay Gould & James Fisk attempt to corner the gold market
  • Hotel in Boston becomes the 1st to have indoor plumbing
  • 1st woman’s right to vote granted in Wyoming
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